Mark II Artist's Viewfinder

Beautifully crafted professional tool.

Shoot planning simplified.

Artist's Viewfinder assists the filmmaker or still photographer in exploring different places and angles to find the optimal placement for the camera, and to second-guess compositions. By simulating real camera and lens combinations it allows you to visualize what you are going to shoot without actually setting up the camera. And it's also a great tool to train yourself to see.

Handles like your camera.

Auto-exposure lock. Auto-focus lock. AF confirmation beep. A Quick Control Screen for accessing frequently needed functions. A customizable Fn Key. Shutter release via the Volume Up button. We designed the Mark II so that you could feel at home the moment you start working with it. And because it also saves full-resolution photos, you can even use it as a regular camera. Learn more ▸

Visualize the grand landscape.

Paired with a 0.5x-class super-wide converter lens, the Mark II becomes an indispensable tool for landscape and architecture photographers. The combination can simulate super-wide lenses up to around 17mm on the full-frame 35mm format. Or you can use it to compose super-wide stitched images. The Mark II even removes distortion present in the wide converter lens — in real time. Learn more ▸

Designed for modern iOS and the Retina display.

The Mark II was rebuilt from the ground up to take advantage of new technologies available in the latest iOS versions, backing features like high quality zooming. By utilizing the Retina display, frame lines are now 1/3 of their former width. This, along with their increased opacity and contrast, results in drastically improved visibility and reduced interference with the image you compose.

Unprecedented simulation flexibility.

The Mark II leverages our extensive Viewfinder Camera Database, containing more than 500 still and motion picture cameras, 150 medium/large format backs and countless lenses — incorporating real lens data for ALPA, Hartblei, Leica, Rodenstock, Schneider and Zeiss glass. And you can define your own cameras and lenses when you need something special for the job.
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Does what optical viewfinders can't even dream of.

Artist's Viewfinder stores location and simulation metadata with the pictures, allowing you to evaluate results of a location scout later on your computer*. Or you can send the information off to the rest of the crew or to a rental house, right from the app. It also records a standard GPX format track log, alleviating the need for a separate logging device. Learn more ▸
* We recommend Adobe Photoshop Lightroom - shown below - for this purpose. It can be purchased separately from Adobe.

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